Blue Ribbon winners in the Lone Star Gourd Festival Competition

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Growers Division
1st Smallest - Maria Aguilar    1st Unusual Dried -Mari Tarver    1st Stemmed Beauty
                                                    Best of Division                       Ethel Virgin
Youth Division
8 yrs or less  1st          14-18 yrs    1st
Lily Hiduke                  Ceasor Sanchez
                                Best of Division
Open Division
85. Mulitple Artisans
Maria Aguilar, et all
86. Subject of Gourds
   Julia Cosgrove
90.  Out of the Box
Barbara Longanecker
Division l
15. Abstract/Contempory
     Martha Evans
16. Baskets
Beth Lively
18. Carved
Linda Hughes
      19  Doll
Yanna Baumgartner
Best of Division
20 Dot Painting
Teresa Samano
21 Earth Creature
  Terea Samano
22 Functional
  Tami King
  23 Fantasy
Sophia Delaat
24 Fiberworks
Mary Sorrels
25 Finishes
Martha Evans
27 Holiday
Tami King
  28 International
Bindu Viswanathan
  29 Wearable
Miriam Joy Sagen
  30 Miniature
Sandi Heimann
31 Mixed Media
Jill Robinson
32 My Idea
Margaret Bell
33 Painted
Sophia Delaat
32 Pyrography
Sophia Delaat
35 Sculpture
Zena Howe
36 SW/Native Amer.
   Melissa Jones
37 Texas our Texas
  Suzanne Lacy
38 Vessels/Vases
Sophia Delaat
39 Wall Hangins
Suzanne Lacey
Division 2
40 Abstract/Contemp.
Joanne Richardson
41 Baskets
Shelia Guidry
42 Birdhouse
Maria Aguilar
43 Carved
Cheryl Trotter
      44 Doll
    Ethel Virgin
Best of Division
45 Dot Painting
Betty Vertin
46 Earth Creature
Stephanie Ross
47 Earth's Creatures
  Cheryl Trotter
48 Fantasy
Clara Willibey
49 Fiberworks
Shelia Guidry
50 Finishes
Pat Duncan
52 Holiday
Shelia Guidry
53 International
Michael Cosgrove
54 Wearable
Mari Tarver
55 Miniature
Betty Vertin
56 Mixed Media
Shelia Guidry
57 My Idea
Connie Fox
    58 Painted
Joanne Richardson
59 Pyrography
Robbie Hiduke
VIP Award
No photo at this time
62 Texas our Texas
Joanne Richardson
61 SW/Native Amer. Inspired
63 Vessels/Vases
Cheryl Trotter
64 Wall Hanging
Suzanne Sparks
Division 3
66 Baskets
John Flewharty
  67 Carved
Bonnie Gibson
Best of Div.
Best of Show
68 Earths Creatures
   Mike Peyton
74 International
Christine Rebert
77 Mixed Media
Christine Rebert
78 My Idea
Marilyn See
79 Pyrography
John Flewharty

80 Sculpture
Marilyn See
81 SW/Nat Amer.
  Marylyn See
82 Texas our Texas
   Darla Hines
83 Vessels/Vases
  John Flewharty
84 Wall Hangings
  Barbie Holton