Texas Gourd Society Executive Board Members

  1. President                                  David Cleaveland
    President David Cleaveland
    I began painting with oils in my twenties but found that marriage, children and work demanded so much time that I put the oils away. After I retired, I got the oils back out and tried to start where I left off so many years ago. I could not get inspired. Then, I discovered gourds! Wow, what a pallet! I did my first gourd piece 3 1/2 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I love the variety of shapes, techniques, tools and colors that are used in gourd art. I am a true believer that every gourd is meant to be something more, and they speak to the artist about what that is. Therefore, the name of my studio is "The Finished Gourd". [email protected] (210) 468-9924
  2. Vice President - Becky Lacy Klix
    Vice President - Becky Lacy Klix
    Becky, a native Texan, grew up crafting and creating with her parents in their stained glass studio. In 2013 she was introduced to gourd art by a friend who invited to her first gourd meeting. She was amazed at what could be done with a gourd. In 2015 she entered her first competition piece in the Lone Star Gourd Festival and has been competing ever since. Becky loves the uniqueness and beauty of each gourd. She enjoys using pyrography, acrylic dye and gold leaf along with carving and creating 3D art. She is always excited about learning new techniques each month with her creative and talented Guadalupe Gourd Patch friends. She has recently been taking carving lessons and is keen to master this technique. She is a proud grandmother of six and a lover of the outdoors. She currently works as an Executive Assistant at an Austin Semiconductor Company. Her future plans are to retire to her home on Lake Buchanan and try her hand at growing her own gourds.
  3. Secretary - Joanne Tompkins
    Secretary - Joanne Tompkins
    In 2009, I happened to read Gourd Craft by Ginger Summit and Jim Widess and I was smitten with gourds. They are so earthy and close to nature. There accept so many techniques that the only limit to what you can do with them artistically is your own imagination. I have been a member of the Texas Gourd Society and the Southeast Texas patch for five years. The enthusiasm and willingness to share ideas of members is amazing and there is no end of talent to share. [email protected] (281) 497-3491
  4. Treasurer                                 Blanche Cavarretta
    Treasurer Blanche Cavarretta
    My interest in gourd art started when I retired and watched Roy do his gourd art and decided to try pyrography. I began selling my work at local Art and Craft shows and am now in two galleries. I entered my first TGS competition in 2014. Roy and I are active promoters of the art form ad give frequent demonstrations to school children, associations and garden clubs. [email protected] (281) 222-3225
  5. Immediate Past-President - Shelia Guidry
    Immediate Past-President - Shelia Guidry
    I began painting several years ago and joined the Society for Decorative Painters. It was at one of their meetings that I was asked if I wanted to go to a gourd society meeting. I had painted on gourds but did not know there was a gourd society. I discovered you can not only paint on gourds, you can carve them, wood burn, weave, inlay, or anything else you can think of. That was for me! I was hooked! [email protected] (337) 376-9690
Texas Gourd Society Executive Directors

  1. Director                                          Roy Cavarretta
    Director Roy Cavarretta
    Roy graduated with an Art Degree from Lamar University but spent worked in Corporate America. After retirement, he returned to art. In 2010, he discovered the world of gourd art. Gourds are now Roy’s new canvases. Roy sells his work at the local arts and crafts shows, juried shows and is also represented by galleries in Texas and New Mexico. Roy’s work has been featured in several magazines and newspapers. He has won several awards including “Best of Class” and “Best in Show” at the Ruidoso art Festival – the first time a gourd artist has won the award in the Festival’s 41 year history. Roy is a member of the American Gourd Society and the Texas Gourd Society where he also serves as a Director. Roy is active promoter of the art form and gives frequent demonstrations to school children, associations and garden clubs. [email protected] 281-222-3225
  2. Director                                 Judy Richie
    Director Judy Richie
    I have always loved art and painted landscapes in oil. I had a gallery in Lake City Co, where I sold my paintings. After moving to Alaska, I discovered gourds, thanks to my sister who lived in Austin and had gone to the TGS gourd show. I joined TGS around 2004 after moving to Kerrville, TX. I have won numerous major awards and have taught classes in several states. I have served on the Board several times and was Vice President for two terms. I, also, served a term on the AGS Board. Gourds have taken over my life for the last 20 years. [email protected] 830-257-8939
  3. Director                                 John Flewharty
    Director John Flewharty
    I have been a member of TGS since I got started with gourds as a medium in 1997. I have held the office of Vendor Chair several times, and have participated in the TGS Lone Star Gourd Festival every year since joining the organization. Creating art with gourds provides me with a pleasant respite from the daily humdrum existence of retirement, yard work, fishing, hunting, and other past- times. My passion with gourd creations is carving and pyrography, along with the use of acrylic paint, various dyes, and colored pencil. [email protected] (214) 341-2614
  4. Director                                 Debbie Garcia
    Director Debbie Garcia
    While my husband was in the Air Force, I dabbled in a few hobbies – stain glass in California, basketry in North Carolina and washi paper in Okinawa, Japan. After we retired I was watching the Central Texas Gardner show in 2012, and saw a very interesting show with Suzanne Haffey and Charlotte Yeisley talking about gourds and the festival that was going to be at New Braunfels. I signed up for a class and have been happily figuring them out ever since! I am Patch Leader for the Capital of Texas Patch. [email protected] 512-444-7643
  5. Director                                 Rickie Newell
    Director Rickie Newell
    My husband and I retired and moved to Llano. While the house was constructed, John planted an enormous garden which included gourds for Purple Martin houses. That was when I discovered gourd art on the internet and I was gobsmacked by a new passion and focus. On any good day you'll find me on the porch with gourds, my tools, and my Crystal Light. Pull up a chair and join me anytime. Maybe we can teach each other something new. [email protected] (830) 613-4246
Texas Gourd Society Committee Chairs

  1. Education Chair                                          Jill Robinson
    Education Chair Jill Robinson
  2. Gourdzette Editor                                 Bob Richie
    Gourdzette Editor Bob Richie
  3. Membership Chair                                 Cathy West
    Membership Chair Cathy West
  4. Imagination Station Chair                                 Rona Thornton
    Imagination Station Chair Rona Thornton
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